Eating in Moderation

Greetings from the World Health Congress! This is my second day here partnering with Alere, the lead sponsor this year.  We both believe that the key to smart food choices starts with a healthy balance of nutritional foods that allow for some less nutritional foods in moderation. I personally have temptations and unhealthy foods that call my name from time to time, but in order to avoid the feelings of deprivation that can lead to weight gain you must indulge.

Indulge you say? Yes, indulge! Everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time for following a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but be sure to treat yourself in moderation. Know when enough is enough.

Here are some quick tips to help you eat the things you love without overindulging.

  1. Pay attention to your body and stop when you have had enough. I love food and I love to eat, and being a Chef I am constantly around food. So, if I don’t pay attention to portion sizes and my body’s cues, I’ll keep eating and eating until the food is gone. Eating slowly helps me pace myself and allows my brain to catch up.  Matthew is constantly alerting me when I eat too fast.
  2. Eat only when you’re hungry. This can be difficult for most people. One great way to tell if you are really hungry or just being impulsive is to ask yourself if the plate was full of broccoli would you still eat it? If you wouldn’t then don’t reach for the treats that are tempting you.
  3. Give in to your cravings from time to time. If you have a sweet tooth then go ahead and eat a cookie. But only have one instead of two or three . . . or the whole plate. Easier said than done – I know. Eating in moderation requires training on your part. If you are able to train yourself to give into cravings without binging then you will be able to enjoy the not-so-good foods from time to time.
  4. Use your salad plates. Studies have shown that using smaller plates at meal time will help you eat less.  Small plates are fashionable at the restaurants, why not at your home?  Another easy trick is to keep the serving dishes in the kitchen while you eat in the dining room – this forces you to get up and walk to the kitchen if you want more.

Everything in moderation leads to a happier, healthier life, as demonstrated in my approach to cooking natural and organic infused meals with Southern and French-inspired flair. Beyond what you put in your mouth, regular exercise every day will help you add balance to your life. It’s a natural progression to watch what you eat if you have a consistent exercise regime.

Those who have a balance of diet and exercise will ultimately reach total health and wellness faster than those who don’t. To hear more about balancing diet and exercise, and to pick up some yummy recipes to incorporate into your everyday routine, visit me at the World Health Care Conference through April 6th, where I will be hootie-hooing at the Alere booth #203. Hope to see you here!